Fancy Stitches Workshop


In the Fancy Stitches Workshop, we explore five types of stitches along with various variations. All these stitches fall within the realm of couching, woven, or filled stitches. They are not difficult but produce impressive results! The projects start as samplers for each stitch type, and then you can turn these samplers into small projects if you wish. We include three projects in the workshop, but you have the freedom to choose whatever you’d like.

Our projects incorporate a range of beautiful yarns, which significantly enhance the texture and interest of the pieces. We understand that some of you already have a large yarn stash, while others do not. Therefore, we have curated a starter kit to make collecting a wide variety of textures and colors easy and affordable. Every bit of yarn in the kit is of high quality and lovely! You can also do any of these stitches with only Perle, which creates a really sweet and elegant look!

The Fancy Stitches Workshop is presented in a PDF magazine-style journal that, along with the tutorials and projects, includes a lot of additional detail. This includes background information on techniques, articles about artists related to the theme, and inspirational images. You will receive a link to download the PDF at the time of purchase and it will also be attached to your account. While you can print the PDF, it is really meant to be enjoyed on a tablet or computer in order to take advantage of the clickable links to additional information.

Take a look at the Fancy Stitches Workshop Materials Starter Kit here.