Broderie Perse Workshop


In 2020, we ran a really fun six-month-long program called Alison Glass Stitch Club. Each month, we explored a different hand stitching technique, and it remains one of our most talked-about events so far. We are thrilled to offer the workshops again as individual downloads, now available at a really super introductory discount! Enjoy!

The Broderie Perse Workshop focuses on adding decorative stitches to printed fabric. Projects can be as simple as choosing a favorite fabric to embellish, or a more complicated project inspired by broderie perse or crazy quilting. We hope the inspiration here will spark a fun, new project for you! In the workshop we take a close look at the work of Nichole Vogelsinger of Wild Boho. Nichole and Alison created a joint Color Wheel project for the workshop. Alison cut, arranged, and fused the pieces, and Nichole completed the more difficult task of stitching! We love how it turned out! We have put together a Color Wheel Kit to help with supply gathering, or use favorites from your stash!

The workshop also touches on embellishing whole cloth pieces of fabric and making embroidered patches.

The Broderie Perse Workshop is presented in a PDF magazine-style journal that, along with the tutorials and projects, includes background information on techniques, articles about artists related to the theme, and inspirational images.

You will receive a link to download the PDF at the time of purchase and it will also be attached to your account. While you can print the PDF, it is really meant to be enjoyed on a tablet or computer in order to take advantage of the clickable links to additional information.

Take a look at the Color Wheel Kit here.