Trinket Quilt Pattern – 2nd edition


A trinket is typically thought of as a small item of little worth. Its value comes from what it means and the memories it holds. The forty blocks in this pattern are little trinkets in four categories: lines, shapes, things, and life. The Trinket quilt is about the process and journey of creating. It is an opportunity to let your mind wander as you connect your own meaning to each block. Memories of the past, present, or dreams for the future: the meaning is yours to create. Trinket uses the foundation paper piecing technique. It includes templates for forty different 4” blocks and detailed foundation paper piecing instructions.

The 2023 Trinket Sew Along brings the second edition of the Trinket quilt pattern, and we are thrilled about this new release. The booklet itself is particularly special, with a velvety full photo cover and an additional informative band. The band includes all of the usual pattern information, allowing the pattern cover to showcase a full-spread photo of the original Trinket quilt, along with a stunning version created by Tula Pink and quilted by Angela Walters!

The second edition of the Trinket quilt pattern includes various exciting additions and updates, such as a gallery of quilts, an alternate layout option, a coloring/block arranging sheet, the 2019 bonus block, and extra tips. We are thrilled to have the Trinket Second Edition in the works!

Currently, the booklet is being printed and is expected to start shipping in early March.

Update 3/6/23: Things are in full force at the printer to get the second edition done and into your hands, but running about a week later than originally thought. We are hoping to ship mid-March and will add updates as we know more. Patterns will ship in plenty of time for the start of the Trinket 2023 Sew Along at the end of March/beginning of April. Thank you! – The AG Team

Please choose a full printed pattern, a full PDF pattern, or a full printed pattern + PDF templates only add-on from the drop-down menu. The printed + PDF templates add-on is a fantastic option if you enjoy having the physical booklet (it’s so pretty!) but also appreciate the convenience of printing the templates straight from your device.

NOTE: Orders that include physical copies of the pattern will ship as soon as possible once the reprint arrives. If your order contains a physical Trinket pattern and other items in most cases the order will ship complete in March once the patterns are in stock.