Thread Winders


Grove thread winders are out of stock. Please check back, more are on the way. Thanks!

Each winder holds 5 different threads, this way you can pick threads for a project, wind them up, and have it all organized and knot free as you work. They are great for taking projects along with you too!

Each winder is etched with one of my fabric designs. Right now there are two designs: Mercury and Grove, and they really are pretty!

From the drop down menu choose either design individually.

To use the winders, take the skein and find the center, loop it on your arm (or get someone to hold it for you, like winding yarn) to keep the knots away as you wind. Pick a spot on the winder and hold the tail as you start, soon it will be covered over and secure. Stick the end of the thread in the notch to hold it in place at the end.

Winders have a hole at the top that you can use to keep them together on a ring.