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Stamp Stripe fabric + your favorite focal prints = The Stamp Block

Introducing the Alison Glass Stamp Block. Create the blocks, then make a fun and flexible Stamp Quilt.* Free block instructions will be available to download here later this spring. Sign up below to receive information about this fabric line, pattern, and Sew Along.
      Postmark Fabric

      There is something so intriguing about postage stamps. Taking time to notice a stamp's details opens up a world of tiny artwork embedded with historical and cultural meaning.

      The Alison Glass Postmark fabric line is designed as the perfect, 'so cute' collection for creating fabric stamps! The panel allow for a pretty, full spectrum, color gradation of fun motifs across a quilt, or arrange them however you wish in patchwork form. Coordinating blender prints include a full rainbow, just right for creating sashing and borders. Prints perfect fro backing and binding complete the line.

      *Thirty Stamp Blocks will make a throw sized quilt. Make it larger or smaller - itʼs up to you!

      stamp stripe plus your favorite fabric is love

      Postmark is great for this project, but the Stamp Stripe is designed to work with almost any group of fabrics that you might want to highlight in a Stamp Quilt. Donʼt we all love a great focal fabric? The Stamp Quilt is the perfect project to bring attention to your favorite fabrics.

      The Stamp Stripe color choices are intentionally neutral to allow focal fabrics to shine and stand out. Use it with Alison Glass fabric OR use it with any other favorite fabric. We canʼt wait to see all of the variations and distinct Stamp Block creations.

      Stamp Stripe is ʻjust rightʼ for themed quilts:

      • Holiday or seasonal quilts: Christmas, Halloween, Fall, Valentineʼs Day, National Doughnut Day - whatever you want to celebrate!
      • New baby quilts, how cute would a Stamp themed baby quilt be?
      • Special quilts featuring someoneʼs favorite things: fish, pickleball, birds, cats, dogs? Endless theme opportunities!
      • A favorite fabric line youʼd love to fussy cut bits of to focus on each print.
      • Your favorite fabrics saved for something special!
      • So many possibilities!
      stamp quilt in postmark
      Stamp Quilts!

      Create Stamp Blocks, then make a Stamp Quilt. Free Stamp Block instructions will be available to download here when Postmark ships. This is a mix and match, ʻchoose your own adventureʼ style project and we are excited to see the creative quilts and projects that will come from the Stamp Block concept.

      In addition, the coordinating full Stamp Quilt Pattern will be available from Alison Glass Spring 2024. It will include basic and advanced layout options, a variety of sashing blocks to mix and match for a custom layout, plus inspiration, tips, and ideas for going further.

      With flexible block sizes, sashing styles and sizes, and endless feature fabric options, the Stamp Quilt is truly a fully customizable project! From easy to advanced, from a fast sew to more time consuming project, depending on our individual choices, the Stamp Quilt meets us where we are in our quilting journey.

      pigeon says how cute is the stamp quilt
      Stamp Quilt Sew Along

      Please join the AG Team for a Stamp Quilt Sew Along coming Sprint 2024!

      Everyone is invited to participate in the Stamp Quilt Sew Along! We will kick off the event when the line arrives in Spring 2024 - late April or early May. This is also a great project for whatever time frame fits well with your shop:

      • as a class, a sew-in, or a kit - whenever youʼd like.
      • The Postmark & Stamp Stripe collections, and Stamp Quilt SAL event are perfect opportunities to engage with your customers in a fun and simple sewing project.
      • The blocks and quilt projects are customizable to a customerʼs interests and sewing ability. The project is well suited for a simple class or sew day.
      • Stamp Stripe fabric is the perfect combination for kitting focal prints in your shop by theme, color, size, or season.
      Ordering Postmark and Stamp Stripe Fabric

      The Postmark fabric collection includes (20) fabrics:

      • (2) panels with larger motifs, just right for making stamp blocks, in a full color spectrum
      • (12) blenders in a spectrum of color, just right for pretty sashing as a paint box of colors
      • (6) focal fabrics, perfect for backing and themed sewing

      Stamp Stripe is a separate but coordinating line in (8) neutral colors designed to work well with almost any fabric collection.

      How much Stamp Stripe fabric is needed to make a Stamp Quilt?

      You can make about 7 Stamp Blocks from one yard of Stamp Stripe fabric. A 5 blocks across, 6 blocks down layout as shown above is 30 blocks total. 4 yards of Stamp Stripe fabric sufficient (without any mistakes), but we recommend 4 1/2 - 5 yards of Stamp Stripe fabric per throw size quilt. Make a smaller or larger quilt with more or less fabric. The Stamp Stripe fabric is set up to trim down to a chosen size after sewing the block, so it is very easy to get consistency in finished size as well as have choices for combining blocks with sashing and creating a finished quilt as desired.

      Shops can order these fabric lines through your sales representative or at

      We are excited to share this fun fabric collection and kick off the Stamp Quilt Sew Along in Spring 2024!

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