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Choosing Fabrics & Thinking about Layout

Welcome to the Trinket Sew Along! We are thrilled to have you here and can't wait for this fun event!

On this page, you'll find important information about the Trinket quilt that may impact your fabric and layout choices. We encourage you to take a look at the pattern and spend some time thinking about how you'd like to approach this quilt to make it your own. We're also excited about the beautiful bundles created by our sponsor shops for this event.

trinket 2023 second edition pattern front cover
trinket 2023 second edition pattern back cover

Let's start by talking about design inspiration. A trinket is usually considered a small item of little value, but it can hold great meaning and memories. The forty blocks in this pattern are little trinkets in four categories: lines, shapes, things, and life. The Trinket quilt is about the process and journey of creating. You can connect your own meaning to each block, whether it's a memory from the past, present, or a dream for the future. The meaning is yours to create.

When it comes to fabric choices and amounts, it's difficult to provide an exact amount of fabric needed to make the pieced blocks in this pattern because it all depends on what you choose. We want you to enjoy the process of selecting color combinations that you love for each block to create a unique quilt that represents you. The cover quilt is shown in the Kaleidoscope collection by Alison Glass for Andover Fabrics. We started with a fat quarter of each of Kaleidoscope's forty fabrics to make the throw size quilt. We also used Mariner Cloth in Raven, a woven black and white stripe, for binding and a bit of accent in the blocks. The idea is for you to create something you love that is infused with personal meaning through the process of making. So, when gathering fabrics, we suggest selecting a group that you love - colors, prints, textures - and keep it open enough to add to it if needed. Forty fat quarters are enough, but having a good variety is key!

trinket curated bundle 1
trinket curated bundle 2
trinket curated bundle 3
trinket curated bundle 4

Now, let's talk about layout. We think the cover quilt is beautiful and many of you may want to make your quilt in a similar way. That's great, go for it! The Trinket pattern is also a resource that allows you to use the blocks in different ways. We'll share a couple of alternate layouts as inspiration for your own creativity and distinct choices.

For the cover quilt, ninety-seven Trinket blocks are combined with ninety-eight fabric squares to create a checkerboard design in a throw size, but the blocks are very flexible. You can add, subtract, and rearrange blocks to create a variety of designs and layouts. The pattern includes an "Alternative Sizes" chart with suggested size options, blocks needed, and background fabric requirements. It doesn't include fabric requirements for the alternative sized, pieced blocks.

The "30-40 fat quarters for the pieced blocks" listed on the pattern back is based on the cover quilt layout and size. The finished size is 52 x 60 and includes 97 pieced blocks (2 of each of the 40 blocks + 17 additional blocks of the maker's choosing). If you choose a different size, layout, or block style, your fabric needs will change.

The key is having a mix of colors that you love and that you can add to if needed. This creates a more freestyle piecing and design that stays true to the spirit of this pattern.

trinket quilt alternate layout

We have an alternate layout example to share with you. This layout has fewer total pieced blocks with more negative space around them to create a larger quilt. It uses the same fabric for the pieced block backgrounds and the main background so that the little bits can stand out on their own without the checkerboard effect. The fabrics for each block were chosen from the from the Road Trip fabric collection. The end result looks so different, and we love how it turned out! You can find the details of the cut sizes and assembly for this version in the second edition of the Trinket pattern.

Basically, any other layout that you come up with and love is great! We're so excited to see your unique creations. The #TrinketSAL, #alisonglass, and #TrinketQuilt hashtags on Instagram are filled with inspiration. Enjoy!

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