Tessellation Mini Pattern

Different shapes?

The Tessellation Mini pattern is the latest AG pattern collaboration with Nydia Kehnle. Like the popular full size Tessellation quilt patterns, this pattern explores color and shape through paper piecing and playing with different arrangements of triangles. The new mini pattern takes the fun of playing with color and triangles one step further by making the pieces small and exploring the different quilt shapes you can make.


Large Star

small star



How to Bind Different shapes

With the foray into different mini quilt shapes, we are going to deal with binding angles that are larger and smaller than 90 degrees. When making these quilts, we found these two videos to be infinitely helpful.

Do your own thing!

The AG patterns are written with the hope that they are simply a starting place for your imagination. Please use this pattern and create your own unique mini – or pillow (the one that Anna is holding is a studio sample done in Diving Board, the Fall 2017 quilting cotton collection with Andover Fabrics.)

Join us on Instagram and share your creation with the #agtessellationmini. Also tag it with #alisonglass, we love to see what you make!

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