Sun Print 2017

sunprint 2017 swatches

Welcome to the new Sun Print collection, 2017! This year’s 3 designs are Overgrown, Meadow, and Link. The Sun Print program is great for both shops and quilters. Each year’s collection has a lovely array of rainbow colors that complements and blends with the previous and future years’ colors. Another neat feature is each year’s collection is ALSO in print and available to order for 2 full years! Allowing you to get the perfect color to finish your project for a nice stretch of time.


This design is kind of a mash up interpretation of all kinds of things growing/hanging out on a chain link background including organic shapes, card suits, a tiny bird and whatever else you want to see. Overgrown has lots going on, plus a purple that I think the fans of that color can get behind.


Link is a subtle dot print with a background of connected bees and birds.


A beautiful combination of some my favorite flora and fauna motifs. Meadow pops with that sweet accent color on the bird’s wings and the petals.

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