alison glass stamp quilt sew along starting summer 2024
Join us for the Stamp Quilt Sew Along!

This event invites you to create meaningful quilts and connections using any fabrics you love alongside our Stamp Stripe fabric.

  • The Stamp Quilt Sew Along (SAL) begins mid June with a relaxed, work at your own pace schedule. We are intentionally being a bit vague about the exact start date for the Stamp Quilt Sew Along to account for any delays in the May shipment of Stamp Stripe fabrics and other Stamp Quilt supplies.
  • Joining the Stamp Quilt Sew Along adds your name & email to our Stamp Quilt Sew Along participant and newsletter list. The first newsletter will come in May.
  • Joining also gives free access to our AG Stitch Club Community – Stamp SAL Section – for the duration of the event. This online, private community space is a great place for support and connection.
  • In addition, each person who joins the Stamp SAL will receive one of our beloved, custom-for-each-event participation patches, as well as the opportunity to submit a finished Stamp Quilt project to earn a finisher pin.
make a themed quilt with the versatile stamp block pattern and stamp stripe fabric
Stamp Quilts are perfect for your favorite theme:
  • Holiday or seasonal quilts: Christmas, Halloween, Fall, Valentineʼs Day, National Doughnut Day - whatever you want to celebrate!
  • New baby quilts, how cute would a Stamp themed baby quilt be?
  • Special quilts featuring someoneʼs favorite things: fish, pickleball, birds, cats, dogs? Endless theme opportunities!
  • A favorite fabric line youʼd love to fussy cut bits of to focus on each print.
  • Your favorite fabrics saved for something special!
  • So many possibilities!

Choose any fabric you love to feature in your Stamp Blocks or use the Ephemera panel print Alison designed specifically for Stamp Centers.

stamp quilt pattern
Stamp Quilt Pattern

The Stamp Quilt is a lovely workshop-style pattern that includes both written and video instruction. For ease, all of the free Stamp Block content is included in this quilt pattern. The free Stamp Block pattern is available here.

This extensive quilt pattern includes simple sashing, fancy sashing, and all-over block layout options to create a variety of Stamp Quilts. The fancy sashing section includes four sashing and cornerstone designs + corresponding FPP templates in a variety of sizes for mix-and-match fun! The pattern also includes additional background information, ‘going further’ ideas and inspiration, and is presented in a beautiful magazine-style format.

Thank you for signing up let's quilt

Participating shops - USA

blue pacific fabrics a great shop in california
by & by a great shop in arizona
calliope quilts a great shop in michigan
gotham quilts a great shop in new york
jubilee quilt company a great shop in tennessee
plain janes and co a great shop in kansas
quilters haven and yarn shop a great shop in new york
satellite stitchery a great shop in florida
sew modern chicago a great shop in illinois
stash a great shop in washington
the craft table a great shop in florida
threaded lines quilt shop a great shop in texas
trishtacsew quilt shop a great shop in california
yvetterene creations a great shop in colorado

Participating shops - Canada

birdie and dot fabrics a great shop in alberta canada
purple katz quilting a great shop in alberta canada

Participating shops - Australia

fabric pixie a great shop in australia
fabric sauce a great shop in australia

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