free stamp block pattern

    To make a Stamp Block, use Stamp Stripe fabric - cut and sewn in a special way - to easily create a postage stamp frame around any focal fabric you want to feature!

    stamp stripe fabric looks like the perforated side of a stamp
    8 Great Colors

    Stamp Stripe comes in eight intentionally neutral colors designed to coordinate with a wide range of fabrics, not just AG lines! Perfect for themed quilts and gifts, Stamp Stripe celebrates your favorite fabrics in a uniquely creative way.

    make a themed quilt with the versatile stamp block pattern and stamp stripe fabric
    Stamp Stripe is ʻjust rightʼ for themed quilts:
    • Holiday or seasonal quilts: Christmas, Halloween, Fall, Valentineʼs Day, National Doughnut Day - whatever you want to celebrate!
    • New baby quilts, how cute would a Stamp themed baby quilt be?
    • Special quilts featuring someoneʼs favorite things: fish, pickleball, birds, cats, dogs? Endless theme opportunities!
    • A favorite fabric line youʼd love to fussy cut bits of to focus on each print.
    • Your favorite fabrics saved for something special!
    • So many possibilities!

    Choose any fabric you love to feature in your Stamp Blocks or use the Ephemera panel print Alison designed specifically for Stamp Centers.

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