Wool Workshop Starter Kit


This listing is for a starter kit designed to accompany the Wool Appliqué Workshop. Click here to learn more.

To simplify the process of gathering basic materials for the Wool Appliqué Workshop, we’ve assembled these enjoyable starter kits!

The kit includes

  • (9) 7” x 9” pieces of mill dyed wool
  • 1 1/2 yards of background fabric
  • white cotton twine for stringing the garland
  • Milliners needles.

There are enough supplies in this kit to make all three projects: Holidays Pillow, Holidays Garland, and Ornament/Package Tags.

Additionally, you’ll need Perle cotton. We use the variegated Stars set of the AG + WonderFil Perle 8 to make the tassels and suggest it as a good boxed set for this project in both the stitching and tassel making. Other basic supplies are listed in the workshop PDF, but this kit offers a great foundation to gather the necessary items.

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