Wool Applique Kit- set of three


Wool appliqué projects are particularly fitting for this time of year, so we have pulled out the three tutorials from the November Stitch Club Journal to create a stand alone Wool Appliqué Kit + PDF template and instruction booklet.

The kit includes (9) 7” x 9” pieces of mill dyed wool, 1 1/2 yards of background fabric, white cotton twine for stringing the garland, freezer paper, and a PDF download of the projects. There are enough supplies in this kit to make all three projects: Holidays Pillow, Holidays Garland, and Ornament/Package Tags. AG perle cotton thread is available separately. We used the variegated Stars set of the AG + WonderFil perle 8 to make the tassels and suggest it as a good boxed set for this project in both the stitching and tassel making. Any or all of the perle sets will work well (and they are all on sale), so it’s a super time to start or fill out your collection.

Choose the kit in the dropdown, the Stars variegated thread set, and/or all four boxes thread boxes. Individual balls and thread sets are in the shop.