Wonderfil Display


Alison Glass + WonderFil Ultra Lite Cabinet – wrapped in the Art Theory whole cloth design – measures only 9.8” deep and 17.7” wide and holds 240 balls (5 of each color) of Eleganza™ 8wt 100% Egyptian cotton thread. The revolutionary roll down cabinet is lightweight, portable, and effectively displays the maximum visual of colors while staying compact and sleek. The Art Theory design is eye catching. The cabinet comes fully stocked with 240 balls of the 48 colors (5 of each) of Alison Glass + WonderFil perle 8 cotton thread.

To order specific colors please visit the individual perle 8 ball listings, minimum of 5 for wholesale pricing. To order boxed sets of 12 please go to those individual listings.

For more information on shipping please contact shop@alisonglass.com