Wildflowers Yardage – Coneflower in Lichen


All yardage is sold in one yard cuts. Multiple yards will be cut continuously, up to 3 yards. Yardage requests over 3 yards will be cut continuously if possible, but not guaranteed. If you require specific cuts for long yardages, please leave a note at checkout and we will do our best to accommodate or contact for more information. Thanks!

About Wildflowers

Wildflowers is very much a follow-up and related to the Between fabric collection. The prints and my thoughts flow freely from one to the next. The two groups work well together – not intentionally, but it’s what seems to happen when something is a continuation of the design process.

One of the prints in Between is named Equanimity, which is mental calmness, especially in difficult situations. To me, the concept feels like rest. The design is a scattering of tiny flowers and organic shapes. When we introduced it, I wrote, “Having equanimity, I think, would feel like rest, almost like existing in a meadow of wildflowers.” This is the connection. Where Between came from a place of change, Wildflowers is deeply rooted in the present. It is an expression of a desire for more moments that feel like rest and mental calmness. It feels like walking in a woodland forest, a wildflower meadow, or on the edge of the sea – and really taking it all in. It’s about not missing any of the details. It’s calming the swirling thoughts of to-dos and worries, and rather finding stillness, listening, and seeing.

The fabrics portray these things – fields of flowers filled with butterflies, woodland flora and fauna, the sweetest hidden tiny garter snakes, rolling hills, rocks, ponds, seeds promising more to come, and so many flowers. The song “Wildflowers” by Tom Petty captures the feeling. I love the version by The Wailin’ Jennys.

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