Stitched Yardage


Stitched is the newest Handcrafted collection. Handcrafted is a batik process fabric, made completely by hand, so no piece of fabric is exactly the same as any other. Keeping with the focus of Handiwork and Sun Print 2020, Stitched is also sewing themed and incorporates some of the same sewing bits: little scissors, cross and running stitches, scallops, plus the usual AG flora and fauna. It is a full spectrum of color with many of the same bright colors that are in Sun Print 2020. The lines coordinate beautifully together and when used in combination with Sun Print 2020, Stitched can act as more of a solid because the motifs are less dense than Sun Print. Since Handcrafted fabric is a bit lighter than our regular quilting cotton and the designs have more flow, the fabrics work well for garments as well as quilting and bags. We hope you will enjoy working with Stitched!

fabric collection includes: 20/20 quilting cotton fabrics available, batik process

All yardage is sold in one yard cuts. Multiple yards will be cut continuously. Please see the print and color name chart in this listing to help with making selections in the drop-down menu. Any specific fabric not listed are no longer available.

If you would like more yardage than what is shown in stock, please email to inquire about additional fabric.