Stitch Club 2020


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Alison Glass Stitch Club – A Hand Stitching Club With a New Theme Each Month

After a lot of consideration about what I want for Stitch Club, I think we’ve designed a great concept! When I started planning the club it was very embroidery focused, but soon I realized that I wanted to give a wider experience of ways the new AG + WonderFil Perle cotton threads are useful. I also want to share lots of inspiration – an opportunity to stop and really see some real beauty in the world. Finally, I hope that slow stitching during this time in the world can provide some restful focus and peace.

For each month of the six month program, we will deliver new content to club members based on that month’s stitch style theme (think kantha, sashiko, embroidery). The projects will feature the AG + WonderFil Perle cotton threads; however you are welcome to use whatever threads you choose. We do not want the current pandemic and economic situation to make gathering an exact list of supplies difficult for anyone. One of the big ideas of Stitch Club, after all, is to gain comfort and reduce stress through the act of stitching – moving our hands in meditative ways – and slowly filling time through creating.

What Is It?

Each month The Stitch Club Journal*, a mini magazine-style PDF will be sent digitally to club members. It will include:

– a new hand stitching project and tutorial (with an estimated time commitment and supply need variations)

– features on fiber artists and the theme

– links to further reading and inspiration to help you figure out how you’d like to complete your distinct project

– tips + tools and materials suggestions

– other helpful, beautiful, and fun content

The PDF will arrive via email two weeks before the start of each month. For example, the June Stitch Club Journal will arrive mid-May to give you two weeks to read, get inspired, plan your project, and gather any needed supplies. The July edition will arrive mid-June. The club will run through the end of November.

A materials list will be included in each journal for the specific project. There will also be a list of assumed/basic supplies (i.e. perle cotton thread, good quality hand sewing needles, sewing machine, cutting and writing tools, etc). We know some of you enjoy purchasing supplies for each new project and others of you prefer to use what you have on hand, so you’ll have the opportunity to choose either option (as much as possible) for any given month. New items will be made available for purchase in the AG shop or check with your favorite stores. The $36 to join the club includes all six months of PDF content plus a participation prize (pin or patch, depending on our supplier) at the end of the club in November.

About Supplies

After joining, the first Stitch Club Journal will arrive in your inbox mid-May. Please check your spam/junk email folder if you do not receive it. If you need assistance, please email The June Journal will include the first project and supply list. Basic supplies you can begin to gather now include Perle Cotton (we will use AG + WonderFil size 8) and high quality needles (we like Tulip and Sue Spargo). You will also need a sewing machine/thread plus basic cutting and writing tools, as well as other supplies shared each month.

Social Togetherness Online

Tag your projects on Instagram #agstitchclub so we can see what you are working on. We will pick gift card winners at the end of each month. Join the Stitch Club Facebook Group or comment on Instagram posts under the #agstitchclub hashtag to interact with other club members.

I am personally looking forward to the club, and I am excited to share the projects that I am working on for the Stitch Club Journal tutorials. I am finally getting to work on some ideas and concepts that I’ve wanted to try for years, and I am enjoying the stillness of the stitching. I hope you’ll join us, and we look forward to seeing what you will create!

xo – Alison for the AG Team

*Stitch Club sign up is set it up to add shipping. At the end of the club, in November, we are going to ship everyone who participates a little prize/gift – either a pin or patch for being a part of the club, depending on our supplier. We need to collect your addresses and this is a way to do so. We have some work to do with every sign up – so we need the website to not auto mark club sign up as complete – we will complete them manually after adding emails and physical addresses to lists so that we can do all the things needed for each participant. It is a practical way for us to manage things and avoid some of the auto web stuff we need to avoid. We hope this helps to explain our thought process behind making this choice.

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