Road Trip Bundles


Road Trip is a winding down collection. There are very limited quantities of each bundle.

Alison’s thoughts on Road Trip-
“When I first started designing fabric, my inspiration for the art focused on reinterpreting tiny details from the world into repeat designs and bold color. The themes were sort of happened upon. Woven through the fabric, the designs have become increasingly personal – a combination of imagination, memories, and themes. The print and color names allude to these stories, but the deeper meaning is often hidden and too personal to share. Of all the fabric lines that I’ve created, Road Trip has the most hidden and personal meaning.

I like the concept of life as a journey. It’s the impact of decisions and thoughts. Every day we choose things. The things we may or may not choose are riddled with potential outcomes, but only one set of things becomes reality. Some decisions are important and many are not, but knowing the difference between the two, and making the important ones well, can have significant positive effects going forward. Road Trip is about intentionality and relationships. People are more important than things. We have an opportunity to be positive forces in the lives of others and to let others be good forces for us.”

fabric collection includes: 27 quilting cotton fabrics

bundle includes: 27/27 fabrics – see below

bundle size: half yard(full), half yard(24/27), half yard(21/27), and fat quarter (full) options are available

Half Yard bundles with (24/27) are missing:  Union Jack in Simplify, Tuesday in Woods, and Tuesday in Lawn.

Half Yard bundles with (21/27) are missing:  Union Jack in Simplify, Tuesday in Woods, Tuesday in Lawn, Tuesday in Risk, Flip in Deep, and Treehouse in Night.

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