Observatory + Road Trip Super Bundle


About Observatory & Road Trip:

Observatory, a Handcrafted Collection, is a nod to the stars with all things terrestrial and celestial being depicted in the designs. The colors are deep and bright with a range of lights, mediums, and darks that work well for patchwork. The Road Trip Collection is about life as a journey. Some decisions are important and many are not, but knowing the difference between the two, and making the important ones well, can have significant positive effects going forward. Road Trip is about intentionality and relationships. We have an opportunity to be positive forces in the lives of others and to let others be good forces for us.

fabric collection includes: 27 quilting cotton fabrics, batik process + 27 quilting cotton fabrics, screen printed

bundle includes: 54/54 fabrics

bundle size: half yard, fat quarter and fat eighth options are available

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