Mystery Surprise Boxes



UPDATE: The plan was to have the next September Studio Sort ready to share with you Saturday, the 19th. The week was so busy with Stitch Club, shipping Kaleidoscope Plaid & Stripe, Color Bundle work, etc that we just could not get to the special this weekend. I am not sure when it will be ready, but when it is we will send a newsletter to let you know. We will attempt to have more items so we do not run out as quickly as the end of bolt special last weekend. So sorry for the shift in plaid!


In August we started a massive rearrange/reorganize project of the AG Studio. Throughout this process we have unearthed a lot of great stuff! Each weekend this month for the ‘September Studio Sort’ we will feature a different great offer. We will also be posting one-off items on Instagram throughout the month as time allows.

box includes:

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