Mini Series Sew Along 2022 – Sign Up



This is the listing to sign up to join Mini Series Sew Along 2022 (MSSAL.) The small fee to join the Mini Series Sew Along (purchased through this listing) lets us know that you want to join in and commit to the event!

Event Details can be found on the Mini Series Landing Page.

Signing Up:

  • Adds your name to the list to receive Sew Along newsletters (you MUST opt in as a newsletter subscriber to get MSSAL newsletters). When you check out, please be mindful about the email account used. This is the email where our Sew Along newsletters will be sent.
  • Includes an invitation to the AG Stitch Club online community (Invitations will go out September 1, 2022).
  • Includes a PDF of the new, exclusive Mini Series Sew Along bonus block (as well as the bonus block from 2020), an exclusive download for Sew Along participants, which will be emailed out after the 10/2 zoom Q&A with Giuseppe & Alison.
  • Allows eligibility for pre-event and weekly prizes, a Participation Patch, and Finisher Pin.
  • Helps with event administration and materials costs (patches, pins, postage, handling).

Each participant who joins will receive a Mini Series Sew Along participation patch. Each participant who finishes all twelve blocks and submits a photo by the due date (November 20, 2022) will earn a Finisher Pin. Unlike the first Mini Series Sew Along, participants are not required to use the blocks in a finished project. We know that this was a fun part of the event for many, so we definitely want to encourage you to use your blocks in a project/s and to share your finished creations with the group. We will share ideas for finished projects throughout the event, and there will be an additional giveaway for those who submit a finished project by the November 20th due date along with their finished blocks. There will not be a cutoff date for signing up, but you must be enrolled by October 31, 2022 to receive a Participation Patch.


Upon receiving the Mini Series SAL Welcome Newsletter please:

  • Fill out the address form to receive your participation patch. If you do not fill out the form, we will not have your address to send your patch. This is VERY IMPORTANT!
  • Download the ‘I’M IN!’ graphics and post to social media (details on the Mini Series Landing Page).
  • Take a look at the materials list in the newsletter and (details on the Mini Series Landing Page).

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