Mega Mystery Surprise Boxes


In light of Alison’s move we are offering a MEGA version of our very popular Mystery Surprise Boxes! Each Mega Mystery Surprise Box is filled with fabric, patterns, and finished goods – more than $300 of product and the fun is in the surprise of not knowing quite what you will receive!

What is in the box (or bag if sent with other items)?

When we cut fabric at the studio we end up with sizable chunks of each line left over at the end – not large enough for a full bundle cut, but plenty of usable fabric! These fabric cuts have always been the are the basis for our Mystery Surprise Boxes – and still are – however, we’ve added a new option for this special Moving Sale edition – 1/4 or 1/2 yard cuts in a rainbow of colors – still over a pound, just in VERY usable sizes! We are adding this option as a way to help easily get some or our yardage off the shelves and into your hands! Don’t worry, we will add more yardage options again after the move, but for now enjoy this fun mystery option!

Each box will include at least:

  • fabric end cuts of over a pound of your chosen line OR a set of (16) 1/4 or (8) 1/2 yard cuts in a rainbow of colors
  • signed piece of original spoonflower printed Lucky Penny fabric from Alison’s first trip to Quilt Market, please see note below*
  • just for fun a few original Andover print outs of Alison’s lines over the years as they work out the colors, please see note below**
  • six sewing patterns (quilt, embroidery, and/or garment patterns)
  • six 8 x 10 art prints
  • calendar or regular notepad
  • set of sixteen Sun Print greeting cards
  • enamel pin
  • sticker set
  • gift tag set
  • enclosure card set
  • AG catalog
  • one more fun surprise of some things we only have a little of, so it will vary from box to box

*When I was hoping for a chance to design fabric I made a version of my first line ‘Lucky Penny’ and had it printed at Spoonflower to show to manufacturers. I made samples and took photos and put it all in little booklets to share at Quilt Market. The left over fabric pieces have just been hanging out all of these years – so we decided, just for fun, to include a 5” charm square of one of the prints, signed, in these boxes. Hope it’s a fun Addition!

**When I design fabric with Andover we make print outs to check the designs. The prints are on really lovely paper with nice ink and I can’t stand to just toss/recycle, so we are adding in a few printouts, again, just for fun. They could be framed as art, cut into bookmarks or other paper items, make a mobile!