Kaleidoscope Plaid + Stripe Remix Bundle

Kaleidoscope Plaid and Stripe is a special group of woven fabrics that is now out of print. The colors flow within each fabric to create ombré stripes and plaids. The group is a spectrum of color and is even more beautiful in person! We have created a special curated bundle combining what remains of the two groups for day 5 of the 12 Days of Specials. It’s a lovely little group, and we hope you will enjoy its last hurrah!

The Kaleidoscope Plaid and Stripe collection is part of the Kaleidoscope family of fabric. It has the same fantastic hand and drape of our solid Kaleidoscope fabrics, a 42” usable width, and is 100% cotton. The cloth is not too thin or too thick, it is just the right mix of structure and lightness that drapes beautifully for quilting and garment making.

bundle includes: 12 fabrics

bundle size: half yard & fat quarter

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.