Insignia 2017 Bundles


Insignia is a near solid, meaning that the fabrics walk the line between a solid and a print. Tiny, signature AG motifs float here and there on a background of beautiful, saturated color allowing the texture of the weave to show subtly as an element of the design. The palette works well with other AG fabrics, offering potential for a bit of rest to go along with busier prints. Printed on the same high quality Andover cloth as always, these are sure to become useful coordinates, as well as lovely stand alone fabrics. Take a look at the Insignia News post for a more detailed look at the fabrics.

fabric collection includes: 10 quilting cotton fabrics

bundle includes: 8/10 fabrics in the line

bundle size: half yards are available.

Charcoal and Thistle are out of stock and not included in the bundle.

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