Fancy Stitches Workshop Starter Kit


This is a listing for a starter kit to accompany the Fancy Stitches Workshop, click here to learn more.

To make gathering yarn and other materials for the Fancy Stitches Workshop both easy and efficient, and to offer a lot of variety, we’ve put together these fun starter kits!

The yarns are one-yard cuts of four dozen different yarns, divided into two sets with warm (pink/orange/yellow) and cool (green/blue/purple) palettes. Both sets combined offer a total of forty-eight different yarns, showcasing a full spectrum of color and a wide variety of weights and textures. In addition to the yarn, the kits include:

  • 20 one-yard cuts of various Perle cotton threads
  • 2 WonderFil Eleganza Perle balls (one light and one dark, colors may vary)
  • 1/2 yard of Kaleidoscope fabric in Iris (as used in the samples)
  • a 10” square of Mariner Cloth to complement the pincushion project
  • Milliners needles
  • a Chenille needle

Additionally, you’ll want a hoop or frame, a chalk pencil, and possibly other project-specific materials, if desired. However, this starter kit is a fantastic beginning to acquiring the items needed to fully enjoy the Fancy Stitches Workshop!

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