End of Bolt Grab Bag Bundles



UPDATE SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 19th: Please see the listing for the Mystery Surprise Boxes for an update on this weekend’s special. Thank you!

UPDATE: Eek! These bundles sold out so fast! Thank you for helping us clean up our space. We will do our best to have more of next weekend’s offer for you all – to hopefully not sell out so quickly. Newsletter will go out at 10 am eastern time.

In August we started a massive rearrange/reorganize project of the AG Studio. Throughout this process we have unearthed a lot of great stuff! Each weekend this month for the ‘September Studio Sort’ we will feature a different great offer. We will also be posting one-off items on Instagram throughout the month as time allows.

First up! We have years of end of bolt quarter (spectrum of color) and half yard cuts (spectrum of color) – as well as a few fat quarter (neutral colors) and fat eighth options (neutral colors). We have organized them into EITHER spectrum or neutral bundles of nine fabrics. It’s a grab bag style deal! The specifics will be a surprise, but each will have a range of colors/fabrics. Order as many as you like – they are all different!***  Thank you for helping us begin to clear out some of these treasures! ***NOTE: The fat eighth and fat quarter NEUTRAL options have differences from bundle to bundle but they are similar.

bundle includes: 9 surprise fabrics in EITHER a spectrum of color or neutral palette.

bundle size: quarter yard (spectrum of color), half yard (spectrum of color), fat quarter (neutral colors), and fat eighth (neutral colors) options are available

Please make bundle selections in the drop-down menu.