Cobblestone Studio Quilt in Chroma


Cobblestone Studio Quilt in Chroma

size: 52″ x 64″

After literally years of thought and deliberation in the studio, we finally had our first sample sale a couple of years ago. It is always a bit tricky to know when it is time to let go of some of the many, many quilts and other sewn items that we create as a way to better show the fabrics to you. The studio is one again filled with beautiful pieces that need to make their way to new homes that can enjoy and appreciate them, so it’s time for a second round! Pricing is based loosely on cost of materials, quilting, and labor. We want these to be both a good value for those who will choose them while still being priced in a way that preserves the handmade value of each item, so we are doing our best to strike a balance.

Each studio sample will ship free (US addresses only – please inquire for Canadian and International shipping)) via UPS with tracking. Each will also come with an Alison Glass Studio Sample official label that can be sewn onto the back of the quilt if desired. The label with include the quilt name and any pertinent notes. Please give us a bit of extra time to get these special items to you. Thanks!

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