Buy A Box


12 Days of Holiday Specials runs from 11/28-12/9 this year.

‘Buy A Box’ to pay shipping once for the whole sale + get a free Sun Print 2022 mini charm set!! This means you can pay for shipping once and keep adding additional items without extra shipping charges, then after the end of the event on 12/9, all items will be shipped together. We will work to ship as quickly as possible, but please give extra grace this year with USPS and know that a lot of shipping issues are out of our control.

Buy a box with your first order to take care of shipping for the event, then use the code IBOUGHTABOX each day*** at checkout to tell us you have bought a box, to hold your order until the end, and to avoid being charged shipping again. You may order any other items in the shop to add to your box with the combined shipping code!

***NOTE: Use the IBOUGHTABOX code at checkout with your initial buy a box order as well as future orders – if the code is not added a shipping charge will automatically be included with you order.

(Autumn site-wide sale codes are still live – 15% – 25% off most items. See front page for details)

If you use the code and have not ‘bought a box’, we will send you a PayPal invoice for the ‘buy a box’ charge. Items will not ship until the invoice has been paid. If you do not use the code, you will be charged shipping as normal and we will go ahead and ship your order.

Note: You do not have to buy a box to shop the sale! Shop as normal without using the code – you will be charged the normal shipping fee – and we will ship your items right away (or in the typical time frame if the item is a presale/backorder).

Shipping Details

Please pay particular attention to expected shipping dates in listings. Some of our items are running a bit late this year and some fabrics are on backorder.

International Orders: If international orders use the ‘buy a box/hold my order’ code and the order includes presale items, all items will be held and shipped at the time the presale item arrives in the studio. If you want items sooner, please do NOT use the ‘iboughtabox’ code with presale items.

Yardage orders: If we are unable to fulfill your yardage request, we will refund that portion of your order and/or contact you to make adjustments.

Buy a Box Prices

U.S. – $16

Canada – $52 (if actual shipping is less we will refund the overage)

Other International – $80 (if actual shipping is less we will refund the overage)