AG Quilt Labels


Often overlooked, labeling quilts is an important part of the quilt making process. After all that hard work, capturing the details in a label just makes sense!

We hope these pretty AG themed designs will make this step easy and enjoyable. Labels come in a panel of eight! Four finish at 6″ x 7″ and four are 3″ x 7″. Sew the label into your backing before quilting or turn the edge under and appliqué the label to a finished quilt. Each one includes pretty AG motifs to complement your quilts and modern style.

What do you write on your quilt labels?

Ideas include: the quilt maker/s (piecer and/or quilter), date made (started and/or finished) or date given, recipient, occasion, meaning, a special message, the fabric designer or line name, or any other details you wish to include!

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