Seventy Six Machine Embroidery

Have you seen all of the wonderful embroidery showing up in lately in fashion and home goods? We have, and we’re excited to offer our second collection of machine embroidery designs! We enjoyed collaborating again with OESD and BERNINA to make a versatile set of machine embroidery designs based on the artwork in our Seventy Six fabric collection.

This embroidery collection was created with garment making in mind and has unique motifs that would be a beautiful accent on clothing as well as bags and items for the home. There are bees, birds and beautiful line-work to assist you in personalizing your handmade projects. The designs will work with most sewing machine brands and are available in CD, USB and instant download options

We all Sew, BERNINA, and Nicole, from Finch Knitting and Sewing Studio, did a great piece about the Ex Libris line of machine embroidery here.

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