Seventy Six Aurifil Collection

aurifil 76 labels large box

4 new boxes

We are excited to present four new Aurifil thread sets this season! Each set, one large and three small, coordinates well not only with Seventy Six and Insignia, but also with the Alison Glass color palette in general.

High Quality

Aurifil is known for the high quality of it’s 100% cotton Italian thread. It’s a dream to work with and the array of saturated colors and thread weights mean there are options for any project.


The large set includes twelve spools of 50 weight thread, perfect for piecing and general sewing of all kinds. You can see them used in our new machine embroidery designs.


The three small sets, are three different color palettes: ‘Warm’, ‘Cool’ and ‘Neutral’. Each set has five colors in two weights of each, 28 and 50. These two weights work together to offer options for both piecing and beautiful, visible quilting. The ‘Neutral’ set is particularly useful with a white, cream, medium gray, dark grey and navy. ‘Warm’ and ‘Cool’ each include a spectrum of gorgeous, saturated colors.

We’re positive you will not only enjoy using this high quality thread, but also find beauty in every aspect of the sets, from the packaging to the threads themselves.

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