2024 Mini Series Sew Along

2024 mini series sew along coming this fall
Coming this Fall, Soliloquy & Scrawl!

From the designers who brought you the Mini Series comes a brand new installment, but with a twist! Presenting the Mini Series Alphabet! This fall, Alison Glass and Giucy Giuce will bring you a new take on their popular foundation paper pieced patterns.

And what Mini Series release would be complete without a sew along?! Inspired by the Mini Series Alphabet, Soliloquy & Scrawl were designed specifically for the upcoming sew along, with a focus on super useful, small scale text prints. As with their last fabric collaboration, the collections work beautifully on their own, but together they make an even more spectacular spectrum of color.

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soliloquy and scrawl collections coming august 2024
      mini series blocks

      Thicket & Skygazing

      2022 fabric collections by Alison Glass & Giuseppe Ribaudo
      skygazing and thicket bundles, fabric collections from alison glass and giucy giuce for the mini series patterns
      mini series blocks in inferno
      fabric from the attic by giucy giuce
      inferno mini series triangle geese block
      inferno mini series pineapple block
      inferno mini series hexagon step block
      inferno mini series stretched geese block

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