Long Time Gone Sew-Along

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Let’s make a quilt, shall we?

Last Fall at Quilt Market I had the pleasure of meeting Angie, gnomeangel.com, in person. She wanted to do an ambitious, vibrant, but totally approachable sew-along of a Jen Kingwell quilt (Long Time Gone) and wondered if I would partner with her. Already knowing the attention to detail that Angie puts into her projects, it was an easy and enthusiastic “YES!”

The sew-along is starting March 15, 2017 – join us, won’t you?

Join Us

Joining us in the Long Time Gone Sew-Along (#longtimegoneSAL, if you want to search on IG) are a fantastic group of quilters:

  • Angie, @gnomeangel

    She will be posting helpful tutorials making her quilt in Alison Glass from Andover Fabrics. gnomeangel.com

  • Nicole, @snipssnippets

    She will also be posting encouraging tutorials and making her quilt in Anna Maria Horner fabrics. snipssnippets.ca

  • Jen Kingwell, @jenkingwell

    She gave her blessing to use Long Time Gone and donated a lovely prize. amitie.com.au

  • Marti Michell, @martimichell

    She is offering tutorials and conversion charts on how to make the quilt with (or without) her amazing templates. frommartimichell.blogspot.com

Note From angie:

“This will be a great quilt-along for those of you who’ve long admired Jen’s quilts but you’ve been too scared to dive in to one. There’s no appliqué in this one and it can all be done on a sewing machine (although if you want to hand stitch it you can totally do that too!). I’m so looking forward to learning how to use Marti’s templates to make a scrappy quilt. It’s also great for those of you that may have purchased Marti’s templates as part of the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler Quilt Quilt-along.

It’s going to be fast paced so you’ll have no chance of changing your mind or getting distracted by other projects. We’ll be doing a block a week with a week to put your top together and then another week to quilt it. (Although you won’t have to have it quilted to be eligible for prizes!)”


There are actually so many great prizes that I am going to just direct you straight to gnomeangel.com. You will be able to get all of the details and information there as well as a really helpful FAQ page.

I am excited to see these quilts come together. Good Luck!

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