Product Updates

Presale and Backorder Arrival information

pulsar presale coming fall 2021
Pulsar will arrive in Late Fall 2021.
sun print luminace comin this fall 2021

Sun Print Luminance will arrive in Fall 2021.

08.13.2021 - Luminance will arrive late September/early October

kaleidoscope stripe and plaid

5.24.2021 - Plaid Thistle, Sunrise, Magenta yardage are out of stock at the moment due to pandemic related production and shipping issues. We expect to restock at some point in the near-ish future, but do not know when that will be.

6.30.2021 -  Plaid Marmalade, Teal and Denim and Stripe Lichen are also out of stock for yardage.

cross stitch collection

6.28.2021 - Smoke is on back order at the Andover warehouse. If you are interested in yardage please email for availability.

9.02.2021 - White is also on backorder at Andover.

sun print 2021 banner

6.9.2021 - All designs are in stock except Tuesday in Lichen. It will be in stock August 2021.

7.15.2021 - Tuesday in Cosmos, Marigold, Lichen, Foxglove and Hellebore are Out of Stock at the Andover Warehouse until September or October. Crochet in Darkness is also Out of Stock.

trinket quilt pattern

Trinket Quilt Pattern

Trinket is currently only available as a PDF pattern. A pattern reprint is in the works.