Product Updates

Presale and Backorder Arrival information

between, a new collection from alison glass coming in june 2022
Between is coming in June 2022.
kaleidoscope stripe and plaid

5.24.2021 - Plaid Thistle, Sunrise, Magenta yardage are out of stock at the moment due to pandemic related production and shipping issues. We expect to restock at some point in the near-ish future, but do not know when that will be.

6.30.2021 -  Plaid Marmalade, Teal and Denim and Stripe Lichen are also out of stock for yardage.

10.15.2021 - Stripe bundles are BACK IN STOCK! Stripe in Sunshine is out of stock for yardage.

Plaid bundles are available in bundles of 8/10 fabrics. Plain in Denim and Marmalade are out of stock and not available in the bundles or as yardage.

cross stitch collection

6.28.2021 - Stone is on back order at the Andover warehouse.

9.02.2021 - White is also on backorder at Andover.

10.11.2021 - Both Stone and White are still on backorder at Andover.

3.16.2022 - Mustard, Peacock, Kitchen Blue, Slate, Plum, Conservatory, Stone, and Mystery are all Out of Stock at Andover and not available as yardage.


11.15.2021 - Stitched in Grasshopper and Night, as well as Embroidery in Cloud are out of stock at the Andover warehouse and not currently available as yardage.

3.16.2022 - Embroidery in Jam is Out of Stock.

art theory collection

11.15.2021 - Spectrum Feathers in Day and Night and Rainbow Stitched in Day & Night are Out of Stock at the Andover Warehouse and are not available as yardage.

3.16.2022 - Art Theory Whole Cloth in Day & Night, Art Theory Large in Day & Night, and Birds and Bees in Day Yardage is all Out of Stock.

trinket quilt pattern

Trinket Quilt Pattern

Trinket is currently only available as a PDF pattern. A pattern reprint is in the works.