Handcrafted Patchwork

handcrafted patchwork spectrum between trees

Handcrafted Patchwork is the latest collection in the Handcrafted series. The entire series is now 64 different fabrics that work well together in many different applications, from clothing to quilts to home decor. The Handcrafted Patchwork line incorporates prints and motifs that are reminiscent of quilt block shapes found in creating patchwork. The variety of large and smaller scale motifs give the opportunity to play with pattern and placement in garments and and adds fun secondary designs when piecing a quilt.

  • Spectrum quilt
  • handcrafted patchwork quilt

The Handcrafted fabric series was born out of a partnership with Andover fabrics to create fabric using a batik type printing process, with a modern look. While many think of batik fabrics as a particular style, it is actually a technique that uses wax-resist dyeing to make patterns on cloth. Handcrafted is a new interpretation of this ancient technique, really an art form, made in Indonesia by skilled artisans. Handcrafted fabric is very different that regular quilting cotton, as it’s made entirely by hand – leaving each piece of fabric completely unique from the next.

We love that Handcrafted includes a human touch at every step, from the designs to the hand-dyed process, ending up with you – cutting it up and putting it back together to create something completely unique and handcrafted.

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