Diving Board

On the one hand, Diving Board is about a young mermaid – her adventures and growth with sea friends in their fanciful somewhat imaginary seaside home. Off the coast of a tiny island bustling with miniature inhabitants – where it’s always summer – she swirls around inlet pools of brilliant sunset colors and beloved blues. Starfish and sea creatures are both friends and decoration. Afternoon tea parties with marmalade and tiny cookies are plentiful. The vintage sea shore vibe of the village, with a boardwalk and rows of colorful houses, make it the perfect backdrop for her imagination. Sunsets and sunrises last longer here than typical, because why should they not? The brilliant colors define her radiant world and time to just be goes on forever.

Dive in to the new

Alternately, Diving Board is not about a mermaid at all, it is completely about the idea of diving into the continual newness of life – the beautiful messiness of it all. The constant change and choice to adjust with grace to the ever shifting reality of our current situations. Diving in is sometimes risky or painful, but worth the effort, over and over, to live with more personal integrity – to live with more possibility. Live in the new: moving wholeheartedly into each current new reality with openness and kindness.

A bit of the unique

This line includes some special features:

— Three of the Pearl fabrics are on unbleached cotton for a warm, natural feel, and the Precious color way is pink neon!

Linen Cotton blend

— Seagrass is printed on linen cotton 55/45 blend. The Peony color is also fun pink neon.

seagrass bag

Wide Backs for quilts!

— Puerto is printed on 108’’ wide fabric perfect for quilt backs. The design is a super sized (12” mermaid!) version of the Pearl print and is offered in both Warm and Cool versions. I am thrilled!

I truly hope you will enjoy creating with Diving Board and that it might spark deeper imagination and connection.
– Alison

New looks for favorite quilts

Matchstick in Warm & Cool

Read Between the Lines


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