Day 3: Pins, Ornaments and Zipper Pulls

day 3 alison glass holiday special
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DAY 3 - Enamel PINS & ornaments!

Our pretty, jewelry-quality enamel pins and ornaments are all on sale today! They are struck from brass, plated in high polish silver, then buffed to a smooth glossy finish. Each one is a tiny work of art.

Today’s New Item: Enamel Zipper Pulls

We are excited to add some new, lovely enamel zipper pulls to the mix! We’ve been looking forward to these for months, and we are so glad to finally get to share them with you. The first two designs, scissors and safety pin, are on sale today and both designs are available in three color choices! They are the same high quality as our pins, ornaments, and needle minders. What a fun addition to your creations!

Fat Quarter special continues!

We also had a small link issue with the Fat Quarter Bundle Sale listing from yesterday so are leaving that special live for another day. Check out the options! There are a number of almost ready to retire bundles in there!

Remember to ‘buy a box’ with your first order (or before your first order) and to use the code ‘IBOUGHTABOX’ at checkout to avoid a shipping charge and to let us know to hold your order until the end of the 12 Days of Holiday Specials.

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