Day 1 : Bundles and Patches

day 1 alison glass holiday special
12 days of specials at
It’s time to start the AG 12 Days of Holiday Specials!

We have some great deals and fun new products to offer! Let’s go!
Click here to read the details about how the 12 Days of Holiday Specials works!

Half yard and yard bundles are on sale!

Please click the special sale listings above and choose bundles you would like from the drop-down menu.

Note: The regular listings will remain live but will not reflect the sale prices. You MUST shop in the sale listings to get the sale prices. Some bundles may be missing a fabric or two, so please see the regular listing to know which fabrics are not included.

Today’s New Item: patches!

We are excited to share that we have created some embroidered patches for our 12 Days of Holiday Specials! First up are our themed scissor and safety pin designs featuring silver metallic thread, each in two colors. We have also brought back our pretty rainbow flower! The patches are 100% embroidered in lovely colors and both are available as either an iron-on or sticker (peel and stick) version. Enjoy!

Remember to ‘buy a box’ with your first order (or before your first order) and to use the code ‘IBOUGHTABOX’ at checkout to avoid a shipping charge and to let us know to hold your order until the end of the 12 Days of Holiday Specials.

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