The Cozy Sew Along & Workshop - FAQ

What is a Cozy Quilt?

The Cozy Quilt is a raw edge, reverse appliqué project made out of high quality, 100% cotton jersey knit, quilting cotton, and Perle cotton thread.

Like most quilts it is made up of three layers, but in this project the layers are a little different:

  • The top layer (traditionally the quilt top) is a whole cloth piece of jersey knit.
  • The middle layer (traditionally the batting) is quilting cotton (either pieced or whole cloth).
  • The bottom layer (traditionally the backing) is another layer of whole cloth jersey knit.

When is the Cozy Sew along?

We are encouraging people to sign up as soon as sign ups are open, so that there is plenty of time to make choices about the project materials and supplies. Sign ups will be open again from 12/21/2023 until 1/24/2023.

You can start preparing your middle layer with the instructions sent on 11/8 or in your Welcome letter. The bulk of the layering/marking/sewing will be in January 2024. Finished projects will be due at the end of April.

cozy wholecloth quilt
Current Cozy Workshop Schedule:
  • Cozy Workshop Email #1 - 11/8/23 - Middle Layer Instruction
  • Cozy Workshop Email #2 - 11/15/23 - Making Stencils
  • Cozy Workshop Email #3 - 1/24/24 - Preparing the Knit Fabric, Layering, & Applying Stencils
  • Cozy Workshop Email #4 - 1/31/24 - Stitching Shapes
  • Cozy Workshop Email #5 - 2/7/24 - Cutting Shapes
  • Cozy Workshop Email #6 - 2/14/24 - Finishing the Edge

The Finisher form will open in early March and will close it at the end of April.

cozy scattered petal rainbow quilt
Is the Cozy Workshop suitable for beginners?

Yes, this project can be as simple or as complicated as you like. For a beginner, you might select a whole cloth middle layer and choose the falling leaves or circle stencil. We will all learn as we go. The AG Stitch Club community (the invite is in the 11/8 newsletter or your Welcome letter) is available to field questions. Please feel welcomed to send an email to


Why is it a great project?

Jersey knit is soft, weighty, and so comfortable making this a truly cozy project - just right for winter stitching! It is a meditative, slow stitching project that is meant to be savored. It is an opportunity to rest and enjoy a true by hand project that is also quite achievable. It’s the quilt your family will want to curl up with!

cozy this and that improv quilt
cozy knit swatches
What is the weight of the Alison Glass Jersey Knit?

We have crafted a jersey knit fabric specifically for this project. The knit we've produced is of excellent quality, 100% cotton, 210 gms - about 7.4 oz, a medium weight, and 60” in width. We strongly recommend using 100% cotton for this project instead of a cotton/spandex blend.

Is the Jersey Knit Kit enough for the front and the back?

Yes, the Jersey Knit Kits are enough for the top and bottom layer of the 54”x 70” Cozy Quilt.

What if I want to purchase more or less Knit fabric than is in a kit?

We know that Alison Glass customers like to take our event projects to the next level sometimes. If you need extra knit buy your Cozy Knit Kit and use the add on listing to add yardage to your kit. Remember that this knit is 60” wide.

Does the Jersey Knit shrink?

With the testing we have done so far, after washing and drying the jersey knit (which we will be recommending) it ends up very similar in length, but has some shrinking in width. It ends up about 59 1/2” including a bit of edge finish, so maybe up to 59” usable area, maybe 58”. You need to be able to wrap either the front to the back or the back to the front at least 1” on all sides, so that gets us to about 56"-57” maximum potential width for a Cozy Quilt. 

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Can I make my Cozy Quilt a different size? 

Yes you can, it will just take some independent thinking and a bit of puzzling with the stencils. 

The stencils are set up to fill an area of 54” x 70”, when repeated on the project. The actual stencils are 27” x 35”, individually. This was as large as we could go with the stencils and have a pre-cut version. This size works well with the strips and squares pieced layouts of the middle section of the quilt.

If  you want to make your Cozy Quilt a little larger it’s entirely fine. To start, position the stencils slightly differently - rather than following the edge of the quilt, shift them to the middle to center it and work outward. Pieces of motifs can be added to the outside to make the design more full.

alison glass cozy workshop and sew along sign up now
Do I need to purchase all of my supplies from

No, you do not. We would love for you to use your stash to make the middle layer of your Cozy Quilt full of all of your favorite things. If you have other threads you would like to incorporate into your project, please do! We do recommend the Alison Glass Jersey knit that was made for this project because it is a really great weight and 100% cotton.

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