AG Summer Sale

UPDATE: Bundles shipped on 8/20 and should arrive by the end of the week. You may receive an email with a tracking number anytime before then, but packages will not ship until that date at the earliest. If you have not received your bundle by the end of August please reach out with questions. We are here to help. Thanks … Read More

Sun Print 2018

sunprint 2018 bundle

Sun Print 2018 brings twenty-seven new blender fabrics in a rainbow of colors. A good mix of values, from dark to light tones, join the Sun Print collection for the fifth year!

Diving Board

On the one hand, Diving Board is about a young mermaid – her adventures and growth with sea friends in their fanciful somewhat imaginary seaside home. Alternately, Diving Board is not about a mermaid at all, it is completely about the idea of diving into the continual newness of life – the beautiful messiness of it all.