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Woven Essentials Sew Along
Welcome to the sew along!

We hope you enjoy making your dress with us. If you haven’t purchased your pattern booklet yet, PDF and physical patterns are available in the shop. As we go through the steps, we will update the tutorials on the handmade-wardrobe site.

Follow along below, pages will be activated in the morning over the next three weeks as we work through the Essential Series garment pattern for a Gathered Dress. The prompts and tutorials we are posting support the Gathered Dress pattern variation, however you are invited to make any of the options in the pattern book that you choose. The wonderful thing about these two Essential Series pattern books, Woven and Knit, is that you can build a substantial, beautiful, handmade wardrobe using the myriad of variations provided.

Check Instagram
for the announcements of when the pages go live. (HINT: a little bird told me that they will be going live Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings until mid November.)

Remember, use #agsewalong when you post your project pictures on Instagram. If we repost your picture, you will WIN a fat 8th bundle of the new Seventy Six line and a 6 month subscription from Make Modern magazine. There will be many winners!

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