Adorn Garment Fabric

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verb \ə-ˈdȯrn\: to make someone or something more appealing by adding something beautiful

Since publishing the Essentials Series garment pattern booklets I have wanted to make a group of fabrics that are beautiful and well-suited for garments in color, scale and design. Varied in substrate: cotton lawn, double gauze, and cotton – linen blend all in one collection to give a range to textural options.

Adorn is this collection.

For garments and more!

The designs are suited primarily for garments – so not a quilting design, but a true garment design, quite different from my quilting fabrics. The scale is appropriate for flattering the body, the colors are wearable and the possibilities for overall motif placement are good. These designs will shine on anyone, but care was taken to make them especially smart and easy to style for adults. They also happen to sew up nicely into a lovely, soft quilt!

Silhouette & Miniature Garden

The majority of the eleven fabrics in this collection are cotton lawn. Two prints, in a total of seven colors, of this 52” substrate give many options to work with in this fantastic fabric. Andover Fabrics started with a truly fine quality cotton weave in their lawn. It’s a dream to work with and has a gorgeous drape. Silhouette is a reverse border print with really fun placement possibilities. Miniature Garden is a tiny floral, fun for straps and binding as well as shirts and skirts. As super as it looks in the garment pieces, don’t miss the pretty hand-tied quilt that, backed in my jersey knit fabric, is a cozy good-sized throw.

Scattered Leaves & Symbolic

Symbolic, a 55/45 linen-cotton blend, is Andover’s 43’’ Tailored Cloth. It is sturdy, yet soft and very natural. We’ve left the background unprinted, letting the color of the flax in it’s natural state shine. Easy to use for bags and cushions as well as dresses and skirts, the simple geometric reverse border design is offered in two colors.

Scattered Leaves is the organic, “soft focus” design paired with the double gauze cotton substrate. The fabric and art work well together in a billowy combination, great for shirts and skirts. This 43” fabric washes up nicely – soft and with just enough shrinkage to tighten the weave slightly, making it even better for sewing and wearing.

Essential Series Garment Patterns


With the exception of the pretty button-down shirt, made by Meredith Daniel, all of the garments shown here in Adorn fabrics are from my garment booklets co-written with Karen LePage. The Essentials Series: Knit Essentials and Woven Essentials are two pattern booklets packed with value and custom options. Karen and I are enthusiastic about this series as a way to create a couture wardrobe especially fitted to the individual. From tanks and t-shirts to dresses and flowing maxi skirts the number of wardrobe possibilities packed into the Essentials Series is noteworthy. We love how the pieces look in Adorn!

Combine Adorn, my solid jersey knit fabrics and the Woven and Knit Essentials booklets and you’ll have a complete collection of tools for creating a beautiful, high-quality, handmade wardrobe.

I am very excited about this fabric collection – the newness and possibilities it brings to the AG range of sewing products – and the anticipation of seeing what you will make with it. Enjoy!

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