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Field Day is a collection of prints representing the growth of plants in their wild and natural settings.  The designs represent the beautiful and often unruly nature of growth.  Like Lucky Penny, it is also about seeing the details, however the focus is on the details in nature, specifically the time of growth when blooms are reaching their full potential, and giving it their all.  The color palettes are different from Lucky Penny, yet have some similarities, in hopes that the two collections will work well together.  The names for the specific designs in the line represent different aspects of untamed growth and human interaction with that growth.  The names are: Spent, Roots, Rows, Sun Print, Collection, Pressed Flower, and Overgrown, plus Bike Path in three new colors.

clover sunshine    view collection >>>

Clover Sunshine is a collection celebrating love and favorite things. To honor my daughter, Anna and I talked about her favorite things, ideas that make her happy, which makes me happy, but it's not really about things. It's about relationships. When someone loves someone else, and wants to celebrate the other, that can be expressed in many ways. This is my expression of love, however it represents ties and commitments in whatever form they are for different people. Clover Sunshine is inspired by the important idea that people are connected, and the goodness that can come from knowing others.

sunprint    view collection >>>

From childhood, I have very specific memories of making pictures with that special paper for sun printing. I thought is was the best! Getting to pick the items and arrange them, the magic of the paper plus the sun, and the shades of that amazing, Prussian blue color that resulted from the process. The whole thing is fascinating. The name for this collection, Sun Print, comes from those memories and the beauty of simple, two color images and the resulting silhouettes. The range of colors and designs are meant to provide a spectrum of choices that will work well with a large variety of other fabrics.

lucky penny    view collection >>>

Lucky Penny is about taking the time and having the eyes to notice the details in the world.  Like finding a penny on the ground, one must choose to look in order to see.  Seeing the details artisans have put into their work, the expert craftsmanship, brings connectedness with others, and to some, simple happiness.  These designs are a collection and celebration of a tiny sample of those details.  The name of each design in the line – Mural, Fountain, Stoplight, Bike Path, Fallen Leaves, Column, and Grate – expresses an aspect of the objects found in everyday city life.  Objects that are common, yet at the same time made in beautiful ways and with great skill.  The color palettes, morning, noon, and night, refer to the impact light has on how the details are perceived.