Blog Tour Part 1 – Feathers, Text, & Party Streamer

Alison | August 18th, 2013 - 1:29 pm

IMG_7737 - Version 2

Hello! I am thrilled today to introduce the first section of my big blog tour that will highlight projects made using all, or at lease many, of the new fabrics and pattern! In this first group we will see what six amazing designers have come up with focusing on the first three fabric releases in the Sun Print group: Feathers, Text, and Party Streamer.


Above is Feathers! I love these colors!


Next, Text!


Finally, Party Streamer. That’s my girl holding the stack. I like her.

A couple of days ago I mentioned a really big giveaway that we will have running throughout the entire tour. The opportunity to enter will start on 8/19/13 and will go through 10/15/13 with many opportunities to enter to win. Each of the bloggers/designers participating in the tour will also host a giveaway on their own blogs. So, there will be tons of prizes! I am so excited to get to share all of this with you all. Click to read about this in more detail.

Here is our amazing list:

Group 1 – Feathers, Text, Party Streamer
8.19.13 - Olivia Jane Handcrafted
8.21.13 - One Shabby Chick
8.23.13 - Silly Mama Quilts
8.26.13 - Threadbias
8.28.13 - KD Quilts
8.30.13 - April Rhodes
Group 2 – Feathers Quilt Pattern
9.2.13 - The ADD Crafter
9.4.13 - Sew Sweetness
9.13.13 - Imagine Gnats
Group 3 – Clover Sunshine
9.16.13 - Crafty Fox
9.18.13 - One Girl Circus
9.20.13 - Sew Sweetness
9.23.13 - There and Back
9.25.13 - J.M.B.
9.27.13 - Modern Maven
Group 4 – Corsage, Bike Path, X & +
9.30.13 - Gen X Quilters
10.7.13 - Jacey Craft
10.9.13 - Bijou Lovely 


I also wanted to mention that Nydia Kehnle and I have a really fun FREE pattern using lots of the prints from the Sun Print fabric line over on the Andover Fabrics website. The pattern is called Woven Stars and is really quite striking. I would love to see any versions anyone created using this pattern.


So excited to get this tour started tomorrow! More than being excited I am just so grateful to all of the wonderful people who are giving their time and their talents to this event. It’s really amazing and humbling.