Should I Post This or Not?

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I’m not a gimmick-y person, so all of the buy this, buy that constantly floating around kind of wears on me. I can’t deny though that I’m part of an industry where a lot of the fun is in the collecting of physical stuff we then turn into new, handmade items, or collect just because it’s so good. I believe that the things we invest time into making are important, in the act of making and in the idea of value coming from time invested and the personal nature of it all. This is how I have to think of it to work in this industry and to do any promoting of said stuff.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with lots of new coming out and I am so happy to see your excitement about it through social media. It’s almost too much to take in. For goodness sakes, a whole bunch of you have already signed up to be a part of a mini quilt swap that opened up just yesterday. It magically appeared on my feed from no where in the morning and by the evening, well, let’s just say it’s a little overwhelming for me and I can’t spend too much time thinking about it all that much. What is does though, is that it makes me want to take all the time needed to dream up and draw the very best fabrics I can for you all, to become tools for you to make beautiful, personal, heirloom pieces. #alisonglassminiquiltswap is the hashtag if you want to check that out on Instagram, and Carolyn Dixon, who is lovely and who I even know in real life, of @reapwhativesewn is the mastermind/organizer.

Andover Fabrics and I announced ‘Share Your Handcrafted’ and the #handcraftedQC tag is already gathering steam with images of your lovely projects. We will start sharing your photos (and sending prizes) soon, later today probably.

Needless to say, I guess if you’re me anyway, it starts to feel a little, look, look, look-ish, which bring me to the ‘should I post this or not’ portion of today’s scheduled-weeks-ago announcement that I am very much struggling with. Part of the issue is WordPress not liking the code, so I’ve decided to go with it and write what I actually think rather than the original plan.


So, here’s the deal, weeks and weeks ago I was invited to have a pattern or two as part of a digital bundle sale. Again, not really my typical deal, gathering bunches of stuff on the cheap, but one of my oldest friends was a part of it so I figured, why not. I’ve put off dealing with it and here we are today, the first day of an only about a week-ish long sale. I don’t even know the exact dates. Denial.

I do believe some of you might really like the concept though, and I committed to sharing, and I truly think what the team who puts this all together is doing is pretty cool. It’s basically an opportunity for a bunch of self-published authors to pool together their works, offering the whole package (it’s ton of book and patterns and such, 75? ish, all DIY themed) for some ridiculous price, like 95% off or something. It’s around $35 for a ton of digital resources and some other bonus things, like a free Craftsy class.

While this sounds like a bad deal for the authors, it’s really not. I’ll be clear for sure that if you do buy it through my link I’ll make money, so that’s cool. If you buy it through a different author’s link, they’ll make money, also cool. I can’t imagine anyone who would be interested in every title on the list, but I know a bunch of you read a lot, especially on your devices, so maybe you’d like it. Overall, if you’re interested, that’s super, if not, I get that too.

There’s a ton more information you can read (and choose to order the bundle if you want to) by click here on the link. If it’s something of interest to you, then super, and if not, no big deal.

Oh, the two AGD quilt patterns that are part of the bundle are Spectrum (pictured above) and Color Plus.

Let’s see, I’m also supposed to say, “Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post. Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.”

Thanks for reading all of this, and mainly, hope you are well and having a good day.


Share Your Alison Glass Handcrafted at QuiltCon

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Hello, happy January! My Handcrafted fabric collection has been out in the world with you all for a few months now and Andover Fabrics and I want to see what you are making with it! We’ve seen some amazing things already and want to see even more so we can pull images together in a way that inspires us all.

We are launching an initiative, ‘SHARE YOUR HANDCRAFTED’, starting NOW on Instagram and Facebook and leading up to a gathering of handmade goodness the Saturday of QuiltCon, February 21. We know many of you are attending QuiltCon, and that many more of you are not, and we’ll be making sure all of you have a chance to be a part of the sharing!


PART ONE - Now through Friday, February 20, 2015

Whether you are attending QuiltCon or not we would love you to post photos of things you’ve made with Handcrafted on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Garments, bags, quilts, anything at all, we want to see it! Tag all of your photos with #handcraftedQC and #AGhandcrafted so we can find them. The team will be looking for projects to share over on the Andover and Alison Glass social media sites and if yours is chosen we will send you a little prize, a charm pack of my brand new Sun Print 2015 fabrics. The potential of getting fabric is fun, and the opportunity for others to see what you’ve made is even more exciting.

PART TWO - Saturday, February 21, 2015

The event! Wear your Handcrafted creations on the Saturday of QuiltCon! Are you going to QuiltCon? We want to see you there on the floor wearing what you’ve made. Not going? That’s totally okay too, share what you’ve made through social media that day because we want to see it all. The Andover team will be roaming the floor on Saturday searching for you and your Handcrafted fabric creations, taking and sharing photos (of course tagged with #handcraftedQC and #AGhandcrafted), and handing out mini charms of Sun Print 2015 when they spot your Handcrafted fabric creations. Wear your garments and bags, heck, even carry around a quilt if you want to, we don’t care, we are just excited to see it!

Want a sure fire way to run into the team? I’ll be presenting about the making of Handcrafted, my thoughts about the line, and sharing projects, at an informal demonstration on the QuitCon floor that Saturday at 2 pm in Exhibit Hall B. We would love to see you there!

Looking forward to all of the goodness and inspiration!


P.S. If you need any Handcrafted fabric, the shop has bundles and yardage of most prints. Also check with your favorite local and online shops, many still have some Handcrafted in stock, with a new shipment arriving in February!

Fall 2014 Quilt Market Recap

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fall 2014 quilt market

Hello! It’s December, so I thought it was about time to get some photos from the Fall 2014 Quilt Market up here. I keep thinking that some day I will get a handle on getting things out in a timely manner, I guess I’ll just keep thinking that might happen.

fall 2014 quilt market

I’ve been swimming in a sea of new fabric all week that I look forward to sharing next year now that Fall 2014 quilt market seems like a distant memory. It’s gotten cold and the days are so full of behind the scenes stuff. It makes me even less interactive online, and the emails pile up. I guess sometimes I feel that this is just what has to happen, at least for me, to be able to focus on creating the new, and there is a lot of it in the works right now. I become more and more aware that I can’t get to everything and everyone (the everyone part is especially troubling for me) like I would like to. Then there are the kids and Chris, and my desire to have the family life with them that I want. Choices, choices. I’ll keep making plans, then adjusting them as necessary, and what gets done will get done. 

fall 2014 quilt market

Fall 2014 Quilt Market this October was particularly good for me. With the help of more people than I can recount well here, we pulled off the second AGD booth. Jacey was amazingly kind to go so far above and beyond in helping, I don’t think I’ll ever feel like I’ve repaid her. Chen (@mushyhed) and Annie gave so much to the build and managing the booth as well, same deal on the not able to repay bit. Stephanie helped also, and the Finch girls even finished putting down the floor for us. Many people sewed beautiful things, I’ll try to share and mention it all here or on Instigram, and I will likely miss some. The Andover booth had tons of beautiful Handcrafted items too, many of which I don’t have photos of. It just becomes too overwhelming, all of the thanks that I want to give, and then I delay. If you helped with any part of this, please know how incredibly grateful I am for your time and your friendship. It is so fun to see it all come together at Market.

alison glass quilt market

Many of the photos in this post were taken by Nicole of Modern Handcraft. Thank you Nicole. Your beautiful photos make me want to not even bother to bring my camera. 

alison glass modern appliqué
Some highlights include:

- The book officially released just before Market, so we had a signing, and it was really the first that people were getting a look at it. So many nice comments, it is really encouraging.
- Handcrafted was very well received! We showed fabric samples of the new Sun Print fabrics, 27 shipping in January, and people started to get a peek of my new line for Spring, Ex Libris, so far so good on that one!
- My collaboration with Weeks Dye Works is resulting in some beautiful things people are making. We really started shipping soon after market, sold out, and had to work on more. 
- I got to visit with so many lovely, talented, motivated people, the time is so exhausting, and also so inspiring. 
- Quilts, Inc. was so kind to give the booth the Merchandising Award, which I truly appreciate.  

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