Figgy’s Heavenly Pattern Tour

Alison | February 27th, 2014 | Comments (9)


Oh my gosh! You know what? There are a handful of garment pattern designers that I LOVE, love their look, and if I’m boing honest, Shelly Figueroa of Figgy’s was my first crush. If my girl (or boy) had been little when I learned about Shelly’s work you can bet she would have been dressed in all of the funky goodness as long as she would have gone along with it. So one market, I think Portland, somehow there was some social media *conversation about meeting Shelly (*the details escape me at this point), and I was all like, “What? How in the world does Shelly Figueroa even know I exist! Rocking awesome!” Then we missed each other somehow and I was so sad. So, then, when Shelley emailed about being a part of her tour to show off her new super pattern group, the ‘Heavenly Collection’ I though, ahh, no, I can’t, too much going on, and my policy is to say no, no, no for the next few months, but you know what? I couldn’t because I have adored Shelly and her style and look too long to miss out!

So, here we are! I asked Shelly for a copy of her Celestial Maxi Skirt pattern because, well, I love skirts, and if I’m being totally honest, I knew it would be a pretty easy sew that I could do in knit and PROBABLY get to fit the size of my model, even though it is for smaller girls. See, Anna is pretty much grown, I know, weird. I think, if I would agree to measure, we would find that she is a tiny bit taller than me, but I’ll live in denial a bit longer. Isn’t she a doll!?! Anyway, this is the sort of skirt design both she and I love, as long as I kept it simple enough, and look, so cute right? Ummm, there may be a chance you will see me in this skirt at the next Quilt Market, so comfortable and darling! And talk about easy to put together! The work is all in the cutting, after that you are home free! So, the Celestial skirt to fit my girl was no problem, just made it longer, by well, a lot, but you know, it works out!




Then, because I love stitching and I can’t leave it alone, I pulled a fun grouping of size 5 Week’s Dye Works Perle Cottons and stitched away. I would love to add more, and probably will. What an easy and fun way to add more to a simple piece. Shelly has a really great giveaway for a bunch of cool stuff, including some of my fabric (!), that is only open for another day or so. See below to enter via rafflecopter for a chance to win her super prize haul! Shelly, thank you for the opportunity to play along, all the best wishes to you, and I’m still looking forward to meeting in person, hopefully soon! P.S. You can buy Shelly’s fabric here: Figgy’s Patterns!


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Imagine Gnats Pattern Tour

Alison | January 31st, 2014 | Comments (2)


Hello! So, Rachael of Imaging Gnats has taken the month of January to show a ton of great projects with her patterns! Nothing like the last minute, I’m here today to show you a fun shirt I put together using her Tumble Tee pattern. I love Alabama Chanin style and thought I would see how Rachael’s pattern would work with raw edges and hand stitching! Here it is modeled by the lovely Lili! Isn’t she a doll? I really like how this shirt turned out, and more importantly, Lili did too!

january pattern tour bloggers and button 800 px

The pattern was a breeze both to cut and sew back together, and the size was super accurate. This was made especially for Lili, and based on measurements alone we were able to get a super fit. The pattern also has lots of useful information on sewing with knits. I really do recommend Rachael’s patterns.


The leaf/petal detail thing is a motif from my embroidery pattern set, ‘Clover Sunshine: Flowers’ found in the AGD shop as either a printed pattern or a PDF. I had originally planned more embroidery, but as Lili and I talked about the style she likes (more adult than kid) it seemed better to go with the design as it unfolded. I have to say, I would wear this top any day. Maybe I should make one for me?


Imagine gnats patterns are 20% off through January with the code “januarytour” so head over to Rachael’s shop if you would like to try one too! Please take a look at the rest of the tour to see the other great patterns. Thanks for having me, Rachael! Thanks also to Nydia for loaning her kid for this, taking the photos for me, and generally putting up with all of my antics!

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Modern Sewciety Podcast

Alison | December 19th, 2013 | Comments (1)


Stephanie is so nice you guys! A while back she invited me to have a chat with her over on her new blog, Modern Sewciety. To listen to the podcast either click here, or head over to the blog to find it that way. We had a lot of fun just talking, and I really appreciate Stephanie’s vision for this podcast, to connect people related to the sewing industry with their voices in an open and conversational way. Pretty fun! I really appreciate what Stephanie is doing, and am happy to have had the opportunity to get to know her a little! Thanks Stephanie!


Over on her blog, Stephanie had a whole week of features going about my work, which is so kind, including this really pretty photo of Amanda’s quilt that I had not seen finished! Photo by Amanda of Westwood Acres! Isn’t it lovely? Those are all Clover Sunshine fabrics, bound in Party Streamer, which I think is amazing! Please go and take a look at all of the posts for a lot of fun information.

Also, a giveaway!


Stephanie has a super giveaway going for a $20 gift certificate to my shop at! This is a super opportunity to pick out something fun, so please jump over to this post to sign up to win! Art prints, fabric bundles, and patterns are all hanging out in the shop, plus my new Aurifil thread collection!

There are some other really super podcasts over there too, so please check out Stephanie’s blog!