Fall 2014 Quilt Market Recap

AGD | December 18th, 2014 | Comments (1)

fall 2014 quilt market

Hello! It’s December, so I thought it was about time to get some photos from the Fall 2014 Quilt Market up here. I keep thinking that some day I will get a handle on getting things out in a timely manner, I guess I’ll just keep thinking that might happen.

fall 2014 quilt market

I’ve been swimming in a sea of new fabric all week that I look forward to sharing next year now that Fall 2014 quilt market seems like a distant memory. It’s gotten cold and the days are so full of behind the scenes stuff. It makes me even less interactive online, and the emails pile up. I guess sometimes I feel that this is just what has to happen, at least for me, to be able to focus on creating the new, and there is a lot of it in the works right now. I become more and more aware that I can’t get to everything and everyone (the everyone part is especially troubling for me) like I would like to. Then there are the kids and Chris, and my desire to have the family life with them that I want. Choices, choices. I’ll keep making plans, then adjusting them as necessary, and what gets done will get done. 

fall 2014 quilt market

Fall 2014 Quilt Market this October was particularly good for me. With the help of more people than I can recount well here, we pulled off the second AGD booth. Jacey was amazingly kind to go so far above and beyond in helping, I don’t think I’ll ever feel like I’ve repaid her. Chen (@mushyhed) and Annie gave so much to the build and managing the booth as well, same deal on the not able to repay bit. Stephanie helped also, and the Finch girls even finished putting down the floor for us. Many people sewed beautiful things, I’ll try to share and mention it all here or on Instigram, and I will likely miss some. The Andover booth had tons of beautiful Handcrafted items too, many of which I don’t have photos of. It just becomes too overwhelming, all of the thanks that I want to give, and then I delay. If you helped with any part of this, please know how incredibly grateful I am for your time and your friendship. It is so fun to see it all come together at Market.

alison glass quilt market

Many of the photos in this post were taken by Nicole of Modern Handcraft. Thank you Nicole. Your beautiful photos make me want to not even bother to bring my camera. 

alison glass modern appliqué
Some highlights include:

- The book officially released just before Market, so we had a signing, and it was really the first that people were getting a look at it. So many nice comments, it is really encouraging.
- Handcrafted was very well received! We showed fabric samples of the new Sun Print fabrics, 27 shipping in January, and people started to get a peek of my new line for Spring, Ex Libris, so far so good on that one!
- My collaboration with Weeks Dye Works is resulting in some beautiful things people are making. We really started shipping soon after market, sold out, and had to work on more. 
- I got to visit with so many lovely, talented, motivated people, the time is so exhausting, and also so inspiring. 
- Quilts, Inc. was so kind to give the booth the Merchandising Award, which I truly appreciate.  

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Celestial Pattern Gift Along Post #3 and Wrap Up

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celestial pattern

Whew! The beginning of December has come and gone, and along with it, the Celestial Pattern Gift Along! So many wonderful projects have been shared by such talented bloggers and friends here and here. And today, I wanted to share two more wonderful projects that can be created using the Celestial pattern – the creativity and variety of these projects continues to amaze me each and every time. So much inspiration to be found.

celestial pattern gift

My friend Nicole from Modern Handcraft created another beautiful project using the Celestial Pattern and a wonderful combination of Alison Glass Handcrafted fabrics. I just love this pillow and the use of the pattern and the fabric. This gorgeous pillow has a wonderfully clean and modern aesthetic.

alison glass celestial pattern

Next up is a beautiful table runner from Brooke of Silly Mamma Quilts. The use of solids in this project really highlights the versatility that we intended to show through in creation of the pattern. The use of contrasting colors in the large star creates a great focal point on the runner. Love that it has a hint of Christmas of red and green while still being whimsical with a touch of purple in the mix!

Celestial Gift Along Wrap Up

alison glass celestial pattern

Wow! I’m seriously speechless at all of the beautifully crafted and creative projects created for the Celestial Gift Along. I hope that you’ve enjoyed all of the great projects the wonderful and talented bloggers created as much as I have and I hope the projects showed the true versatility of the pattern as you think through future projects as well as for inspiration for a few holiday gifts. If you create a project using the pattern, be sure to tag me on Instagram @alisonglass or use the hashtag #alisonglass as I’d love to see what you make!

Alison Glass Celestial Pattern Gift Along: Round-up Post #2

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We’re back with another great post filled with great inspiration for using the Alison Glass Celestial pattern in your holiday gift projects. I am so inspired by all of the projects these lovely ladies have come up with using the pattern – there is bound to be a project to inspire you as well as you think of those special folks in your life that would love a handmade gift.

alison glass celestial pattern

First up is this really fun and gorgeous Christmasy mini quilt from Megan of Quilt Story. I love how the stars really pop against the solid background.


alison glass celestial pattern

I think a mini quilt is a perfect use of the pattern, especially when trying to get handmade gifts ready in time for giving!


alison glass celestial pattern


Nicole from Snips Snippets really outdid herself! She not only made one project but FOUR! But first, can we all agree that the hot chocolate looks absolutely delicious and perfect with my holiday bundle fabric. Love the idea of coasters and a cute mug for teacher gifts.


alison glass celestial pattern

I love the variety of projects and fabrics Nicole used to really showcase the true versatility of the Celestial pattern – just as I had intended it to be used beyond the original layout. I love seeing the creative uses of the pattern in everything from coasters to a pillow and cute zip pouches!


celestial pattern

And, lucky for all of us, Alyssa from Pile O’ Fabric created another gorgeous project – this super cute Anna Graham Noodlehead Road Trip Case pattern. The center star really shines against the Kona Wasabi solid and a bit of hand stitching is just perfect.


Don’t Forget to Link Up to Win

Isn’t all of this gift-giving inspiration great? Don’t forget that you can enter to win a signed copy of my book and a $25 gift certificate to my shop by uploading a finished gift project using the Alison Glass Celestial Pattern by December 10. More details here!