Introducing Clover Sunshine

I am really excited about this new line! It’s happy and filled with bits of favorite things!

Inspiration for Clover Sunshine:

Clover Sunshine is a collection celebrating love and favorite things. To honor my daughter, Anna and I talked about her favorite things, ideas that make her happy, which makes me happy, but it’s not really about things. It’s about relationships. When someone loves someone else, and wants to celebrate the other, that can be expressed in many ways. This is my expression of love, however it represents ties and commitments in whatever form they are for different people. Clover Sunshine is inspired by the important idea that people are connected, and the goodness that can come from knowing others. The designs in this collection are:  Favorites, Circle, Corsage, Party Streamer, Kite Tail, and Snow Globe, and should be hitting shops early summer.

I have a fun, free pattern to go along with Clover Sunshine over at the Andover Fabrics website, called Cobblestone. Two variations below in the two color options, Cloudy and Sunny. This is a fast one to put together and really shows off the prints! I love how Kite Tail works for the binding!

I am thrilled about the whole line, and am really looking forward to using it in Anna’s room! The close up of the print Favorites, below, really means so much to me personally, and I truly hope it can bring a little spark of fun to you!