About Fabric

I’m designing it, fabric.  A huge dream, taking the form of reality, and a long overdue update from the previous post. Five months late-ish, but on time with who I am.  Lots has happened, really lots.  Thanksgiving, snow, Holidays, lack of snow, Jack turned eight, Anna turned ten (not sure how that happened), Chris accepted a professor position at ODU, defended his dissertation, and is just weeks away from graduating, it’s a big deal.  Oh, and we’re moving, our house (which I love) is officially for sale.  I’m finishing up local design projects with clients here, transitioning the business from one state to another, and shifting the focus to surface, product, and pattern design.

And about the fabric.  I signed a licensing contract with Andover Fabrics in December.  I’m thrilled.  Deeply thrilled. My first line, Lucky Penny, is somewhere in the production process, and will be available for purchase in the next few months, maybe summer, maybe fall.  Unreal.  A second line is turned in, with more colorful designs in the works.

So fun.  More to come.